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Dear Member

Welcome to the Clubs Spring 2012 Newsletter. I apologise it's been some time since the last letter, there's numerous reasons for this (which I won't bore you with) one though being the vast hours spent compiling the Club Handbook.

The last Club Handbook had been 6yrs ago and to make amends I wanted to make this publication the best ever done, and I was delighted with the result (bar the printers cover error!). The entire book is in colour and contains an array of good info and articles, one of which (Belly Colours & Faults) was given high praise in 'Cavies' magazine May editorial. I've been able to hand out many copies to members at shows, if I've not managed to see you please find your copy enclosed or in the post shortly. Hope you all enjoy the book and find it useful and worth the wait?

Club Stock Shows 2011 proved a overwhelming success for the Lemon (which won 5 of the 6 shows) and for one exhibitor. Please see the Club Book for all last years results, including the Points Competition.

The Adult Stock Show at Bradford Champ, Harrogate 28/29 Jan was our first event of  2012. It attracted a decent entry of 50 and was another triumphant day for the Lemon. Judging his first NACC SS Simon Neesam awarded Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Pimpernel' BIS. R/up & Best Silver went to Mary Jaffa's boar 'Radar'. Steve also won Best Golden with his boar. Best Solid was Tartuffe Studs (Nicky Reynolds) Cinnamon boar 'Heathcliffe'. Best Support went to Steve's Silver 5-8 boar 'Tigger'.
The Bradford Champ classes saw Silvers winning all 3 of the M&T challenges though disappointingly they took the last 3 places in the BIS line-up of 9. Best of these was Simon Neesam's gorgeous 5-8 sow, described as "exquisite" by breed class judge Pete Holdaway; this was followed by Mary Jaffa's boar 'Radar' (Vic Bailey Cup winner for Best Silver Adult); and Malcolm Atkinson's u/5 boar.

The Midland Area Stock Show at Wyevern 25 Feb was our second event of the year. This saw a slightly disappointing entry of 27, the lowest for a few years. However this saw Mary Jaffa's eagerly awaited first NACC SS BIS success, this with her Silver Adult boar 'Southern Drifter' (under judge Steve Davies), congratulations Mary the first of more to follow I'm sure. R/up was Pete Holdaway's promising baby Silver sow. Best Golden was Esther Arnold's super 5-8 boar; Best AOC was a Lemon 5-8 boar from a Non Member. Best Solid was Optimist Studs Cream adult.
Wyevern also hosted a WAF Show and both Wyevern & WAF saw BIS success for Agoutis. These being Steve Davies' Silver and Lemon 5-8 boars, 'Tigger' & 'Pooh'.

The Clubs AGM was held at the above event, the meeting went very smoothly & quickly and saw one major change to the 2013 schedule; this being that the Lemon be moved from AOC status and to go in the black based challenge with the Golden & Silver, this means the AOC section will be the 3 chocolate based colours of Cinnamon, Chocolate & Cream.
The 2011 Points Trophies were also presented, President Brian Emmett commented on their quality and how impressive they looked when entering the room.

Two New Life Memberships were awarded at the AGM, making a total of 5. I'm pleased to announce that long-time members Brian Cutting (former Club Panel Judge who recently retired from the Fancy); along with Doug Rennie (current Panel Judge and popular Scottish Fancier) were awarded honorary Life Membership, congratulations to you both and thank you for your support to the Club & Breed. The Southern Area Stock Show is our forthcoming next event, this is being held at the Royal Bath & West Agricultural Show on sat 2 June with Emma Whitcombe judging.

The Club Website is still proving a success with a current 7815 hits. This receives good feedback and is regularly up-dated by Pete and I. Remember this is your site, Pete nor I can't attend all shows so if you've any good quality photos of your winning agoutis please forward them to us and we'll try and add them to the site. www.nationalagouticavyclub.com The following Club Championships Certificates have been claimed & awarded: A Single for both Mary Jaffa's Silver boars 'Jingle Bells' & 'Radar'; whilst there's a terrific Triple for Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Pimpernel'.

Recent members of the last 12 months John & Pam Gardner from Scotland are proving very valuable acquisitions to the Club and are now the Clubs Scottish Reps. It all started last year when John saw a Golden on our website and Pam secretly got him a young boar....now Pam's stud of Rex is getting overwhelmed by all six of the Agouti colours. They are a very nice and keen couple and they've already seen their work and commitment rewarded with BIS with their Lemon adult boar 'Goliath' at the SNCC AGM show in March and travelled south of the border to win the Agouti/Aby section with 'Goliath' at Yorkshire Champ Show. Keep up the excellent work.
The 2012 Points Competition is well under way. The latest positions are: GOLDEN: Steve Davies 38; Esther Arnold 16; Julie Inch 11. SILVER: Steve Davies 35; Mary Jaffa 29; Pete Holdaway 15; Jane Phillipson 8; Malcolm Atkinson 7; Simon Neesam 5. CINNAMON: Pete Holdaway 15. LEMON: Steve Davies 26; Stuart Inch 22. CREAM: No entries CHOCOLATE: No entries SOLID: Optimist Stud 44; Tartuffe Stud 5. JUVENILE: Bethany Richardson 10.
The following Points Shows for your diary are: Bath & West 2 Jun, P. Gammie; SASS B&W E.Whitcombe;  NASS at Betley 4 Aug, T. O’Neill; NCC 5-8s at Betley S. Neesam ; YSS at Real London 8 Sept, P. Holdaway; Real London 5-8 s M. Atkinson & u5s S. Davies; Cornish Champ 13 Oct, P. Gammie; WASS at WNCC 17 Nov, J. Phillipson. Please note others may be added.

Prize Cards have been re-designed and were seen at the MASS in February. As Club funds are down at present (due to recent large layouts), I'm going to help funds by using up any old cards I still have but it is hoped that the new design will be seen in the near future.

Announcements: I'd like to wish members Jane Phillipson & Nick Betts all the very best for their wedding on the 30 June; Also congratulations to member Emma Whitcombe & John on their recent engagement, best wishes for continued future happiness to you all.
New Club Members, I’ll finish by welcoming the following : Pam Gardner; Jeanette Richardson; Karen Lainson; Kaidyn Wight; and welcome back Nicky Reynolds.

Steve Davies (Secretary)