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Dear Member

to the Clubs Autumn 2012 Newsletter. We’ve just had our final event of the year, the Welsh Area SS and with this and 3 other Stock Shows it’s been a busy period since the last Newsletter in the Spring. However there’s still one final thing to do before the year can be finalised.

Ballot 2013/14
is now here, ballot papers have been issued and are in the post or enclosed in this letter if you’ve not been sent your newsletter via email. I appreciate the cost of postage has increased significantly but PLEASE make every effort to vote your vote is very important. The final result will hopefully be printed in the January issue of ‘Cavies’.

Southern Area Stock Show
at Bath & West on the 2 June was our third event of the year, this saw a disappointing entry of 31 with just 1 AOC (not including the 5 Lemons) and 0 Solids. BIS under judge Emma Whitcombe was Steve Davies’ Silver adult boar ‘Tigger’, which was followed by Pete Holdaway’s Silver adult sow, and Mary Jaffa’s Silver u/5 sow, though a much admired Golden 5-8 sow from Barnwell Stud challenge hard and in the Bath & West Show won Best Non Self under judge Peter Gammie. Also this event saw a good BIS win for Pete Holdaway in the WAF Show with his Silver adult boar ‘Raucous’.

Wedding Congratulations
go to members Mr & Mrs Betts, Nick & Jane (Phillipson) tied the knot at Honiley Court Hotel, nr Warwick on 30 June, we wish you a very happy & long future together.

Northern Area Stock Show
at Betley on 4 August saw a good entry of 47 for judge Tony O’Neill; this saw a NACC debut for John & Pam Gardner from Scotland and this helped the AOC entry which was 13, though again a very disappointing Solid turnout of just 1; however the entry and show was dominated by the very high standard of 27 Silvers. BIS again went to Ste-ve’ s Silver boar ‘Tigger’, R/up Mary Jaffa’s Silver adult boar, 3&4 going to two Silver 5-8 sows from Steve, with Mary’s Silver u/5 boar taking fifth. Bet-ley this year was the venue for the NCC Champ Show and saw NACC Points under judge Simon Neesam with best Agouti being Pete Holdaway’s Silver 5-8 boar ‘Rattrap’, for whom a far great achievement was to follow.

Southern Cavy Club’s 75th Anniversary Show
at Fareham on 12 August saw two good results for Silvers with Steve’s 5-8 sow ‘Robin’ taking Best Non Self & R/up BIS, with Steve’s u/5 sow ‘Kanga’ going Best Non Self u/5.

Young Stock Show
at the excellent Real London Show on 8 September was the Clubs main event since the Adult SS at Harrogate back in January. The YSS was not to disappoint with a decent entry of 22 Youngsters and 37 in the Supporting Ad/5-8 section for judge Pete Holdaway. Following up her success from a month earlier and taking BIS was Steve’s Silver sow ‘Kanga’, closely followed by Steve’s Lemon boar, with third going to Mary’s Silver boar. Best Golden was a blast from the past…Bob Chappell, well known in the 1960’s/early 70’s with his Silvers but it’s great to see him take a real interest in the Golden. Disappointingly again though there were no AOC’s bar 3 Lemons, and just 2 Solids. Best Support saw a clean sweep for Steve’s Silvers with his adult boar ‘Tigger’ taking top spot ahead of his adult sow ‘Winnie’ & 5-8 sow ‘Robin’.
Real London Best in Show triumph went to a shocked but extremely de-lighted Pete Holdaway who bettered his Best Adult success with his Silver boar ‘Rodent’ at London Champ ‘Alley Pally’ in 1968. His winning pig of 2012 was his Silver 5-8 boar ‘Rattrap’ who won the Non Self 5-8 section un-der judge Malcolm Atkinson before going on to top honours under BIS judge Amy Heale.

Welsh Area Stock Show
at the Welsh Nat. on 17 November ended show proceedings for the year. The Stock Show attracted a good entry of 48 with judge Peter Gammie finding quality in depth in the Silvers. Despite strong competition BIS again went to Steve with his Silver 5-8 boar ‘Gopher’, a new pig to his show team; this was followed by his two Silver adult sows ‘Robin’ & ‘Winnie’, and Lemon 5-8 boar with Mary’s Silver 5-8 making up the top 5. Best Golden went to Esther Arnold’s adult boar with Best Cinnamon going to Pete Holdaway’s 5-8 boar. Solids saw an encouraging entry of 10 with new member Caroline Creese showing a nice team of youngsters to give Penny Bell’s Optimist team a good run for her money, however it was Penny who took the honours here with best going to her Lemon adult boar. I really must thank all who entered this show and in particular Esther, Mary and Pete who supported this event when there was an unfortunate clash with Redruth for which they have connections with.
Welsh National host show saw a terrific triumph for Silvers taking all 3 places in the Grand Challenge under judge Gerry Harvey. BIS was a ter-rific double for Steve’s Silver 5-8 boar ‘Gopher’, with r/up going to Mary Jaffa’s Silver adult boar, and third to Steve’s Silver adult sow ‘Robin’.

2012 Points Competition
The Welsh Area Stock Show was the climax of the year's points competition. Again, it has been a closely-fought competition in several colours, but with a hat-trick of success in Golden, Silver and Lemon, Steve Davies led the way. In Lemon, the race went to the wire with Mary Jaffa making a late surge to clinch the runner-up spot in her first year with Lemons. The Solids also saw a late runners-up success for new member Caroline Creese, who gained all her 18 points at the Welsh.

Final positions:
GOLDEN: Winner - Steve Davies 76; R/up - Barnwell Stud 54; Esther Arnold 39; Julie Inch 32; Katrina Goodship and Tickety Boo Stud both 8, Iscabow Cavies 6, Bob Chappell 5, Adrian Lawrence 3.
SILVER: Winner - Steve Davies 118; R/up - Mary Jaffa 87; Pete Holdaway 46; N&J Betts 20; Malcolm Atkinson 8; Simon Neesam 6; Olivia Fursland 4;
Whelros Cavies 3; Geraldine Porter 1.
CINNAMON: Winner - Pete Holdaway 35; Joint R/up - Simon Neesam and Tickety Boo Stud both 10; Madelaine Coomber 3; Dilemma Stud 1.
LEMON: Winner - Steve Davies 90, R/up - Mary Jaffa 27; Stuart Inch 23; Simon Neesam 14; Pete
Holdaway 13; Tickety Boo Stud and R&H Downer both 11.
CREAM: Winner - Madelaine Coomber 8.
Winner - Tickety Boo Stud 15; R/up Madelaine Coomber 5.
SOLID: Winner - Optimist Stud 60; R/up Caroline Creese 18; Kirinsway Caves 16; Tartuffe Cavies 14.
JUVENILE: Winner - Olivia Fursland 31; R/up - Bethany Richardson 10.
OVERALL: Winner - Steve Davies 284; R/up - Mary Jaffa 114.

The 2013 competition kicks off with the Adult Stock Show at Bradford Championship Show in January.

Club Website
is still proving a success with a current 10,036 hits. This receives good feedback and is regularly up-dated by Pete and I. Remember this is your site, Pete nor I can't attend all shows so if you've any good quality photos of your winning agoutis, etc. please forward them to us and we'll try and add them to the site. www.nationalagouticavyclub.com

Club Championship
Certificate has been claimed & awarded for the following: A Single for Steve Davies' Silver boar 'Tigger'.

Andrew Pearson
– I, the NACC and all who knew him were deeply saddened and shocked to hear of the sudden death of Andrew Pearson, at just 46 years old.
For most of his life Andrew was a keen cavy fancier, amongst others keeping Agoutis & Dutch but he's better known for his Tort & Whites including the famous 'Tommy Widerington'. Unfortunately a few years ago he reluctantly had to give up his stud of pigs and had a break from the fancy; despite this he retained his place on the NACC judging panel and in the past 18 months had seen him make a welcome return to judging when doing the honours for the NACC at its Midland Area Stock Show at Wyevern in 2010 and the Welsh Area in November 2011 where he awarded BIS to Steve’s Silver u/5 sow ‘Winnie’ whose gone onto a successful show career.
In conversation with Andrew at the above mentioned Welsh, he said "once he moved to a more permanent location, he planned on getting a couple of breeds of cavy, which included Golden Agouti". I was very pleased to hear this, he was the ideal man to try and get this old breed back to its best and I was considering offering my stud to him, as I knew they'd be in safe hands. Andrew hand been a long time NACC Member & Panel Judge and as well as being an excellent Agouti judge, he was highly regarded as one of the top all-round judges and it's a shame that all recent people to the fancy won't have the pleasure of his expert opinion. Andrew will be hugely missed by his friends and family; deepest condolenc-es to his parents and three super children Matthew, Ben & Daisy.

Recent Show Success
: North Herts 27 October saw an excellent day for Simon Neesam’s team of Lemon Agoutis, who won all 3 Non Self Age Sections with Best Non Self & R/up BIS going to his love-ly 5-8 sow. also here was a nice & large team of Solids from Ali Christie. Warwick 3 November also saw Steve Davies’ Agouti team claim all 3 Non Self Age Sections with BIS going to his Silver u/5 boar.

Adult Stock Show – Bradford Champ, Harrogate 26/27 January 2013 – this prestigious event kicks off the NACC 2013 season and sees the ever popular and long established North East Yorkshire Fancier, Malcolm Atkinson judging. NACC Points will also be award-ed in the host Bradford Show in the Adults – Judge Jane Betts; & U/5’s Judge Simon Neesam.

New Club Members:
I’d like to welcome the following: Leigh & Kathy Stevens (North Bersted, West SussexCaroline Creese (Trowbridge, Wiltshire); Brendon Jaffa (Paignton, Devon); Adrian Lawrence (Cambourne, Cornwall); Geraldine Porter (East Grinstead, Sus-sex); Liz Miles (Exmouth - Devon); Richard Woods (Kings Lynn - Norfolk); Lydia Biggs (Truro - Corn-wall); Ali Christie - Kirinsway Cavies (Welwyn Garden City, Herts); Hazel Hearn (Bideford, Devon).

I’ll finish
with a gentle reminder about returning your ballot paper and by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for 2013 when I hope to see you at our Club Stock Shows.

Steve Davies (Secretary)