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Dear Member, 

Welcome to the autumn newsletter. Despite quite a quiet summer period (which was why I did not do a summerletter) a great deal has happened since the spring newsletter especially in recent months!  The ‘one off’ Intermediate Stock Show to incorporate a Stock Show at the ‘Specialist Club Spectacular Show’ at Fareham in May proved a success with 53 exhibits for Club President Brian Emmett to judge. Best in Show was Jane Phillipson’s fine Silver boar; runner-up Di-L-Emma Stud’s Golden boar with third going to Simon Neesam’s Lemon boar. 

In the supporting classes Best Youngster went to Zanadu Stud’s Silver boar whilst Best Adult was Di-L-Emma Stud’s splendid Cinnamon boar which was also awarded Best Overall Agouti - a great and rare success for this colour!  

June saw the launch of our new Club Website which had been the result of many tireless hours spent building it by a complete novice of this type of thing, Pete Holdaway.  Despite still to be finally completed, the site contains much useful information and is greatly beneficial to the Club & Breed. Pete has recently loaded a new link to take you directly to this year’s photos and has added many recent winners. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Club in thanking Pete for his tremendous work. Please visit the site www.nationalagouticavyclub.com. Both Pete and I would appreciate any feedback regarding the site and its content and if anyone has any good quality photos (in particular from Scotland and the N.East) past or present or any old agouti material I would be grateful if you could forward to Pete or me.  

Summer Points Shows also proved successful for the breed with the N.C.C. Combined SS in July seeing Steve Davies’ Golden sow taking Best Non Self u/5 and Agoutis were also runners-up in the other two sections. A good result, whilst our August show at Betley saw a triumphant day for Pete with his Silver u/5 sow taking B.I.S.  

The YoungStock Show at London Championship Show saw a good but also worrying entry of 59!  You may be confused and curious at this but the worrying part is that there was just one young Golden entered (which was absent) and one entered in the supporting classes!? Despite this fact it proved to be a successful show with 17 youngsters entered for judge Steve Davies.  Eleven Silvers were entered which saw Pete Holdaway rewarded for his great work with the Silver taking his first major N.A.C.C. B.I.S. (ie Adult/Young S.S.) with his superbS ilver boar ‘Ratzinger’. Pete also took second & third place in this strong class of eight boars, congratulations. Best A.O.C. and very close runner-up was Simon Neesam’s fine Lemon boar followed by Jane Phillipson’s Silver sow which came very close to giving Jane the clean sweep of all three major Stock Shows after her earlier success at both the Adult & Intermediate. New member Classy Cavies took Best Cinnamon which was good to see, whilst Best Cream went to Madelaine Coomber. Best of the two Solids was Hero Stud’s Silver who made it a good double by taking the supporting classes Solid award with their Cinnamon adult.  Supporting classes saw eleven 5-8’s with the stand out exhibit here being Pete’s Silver sow which won a good breed class of seven. Runner-up & Best A.O.C. was Madelaine’s promising Lemon sow followed by Ted Williamson’s fine Silver sow.  The Adult section saw a good entry of 23 largely made up of 13 good and quite evenly contested adult Silvers which again saw Pete triumphant taking first & second with two splendid boars with another good boar from Mary Jaffa in third. However this time Pete had to give way to Simon Neesam’s magnificent Lemon boar who was at his superb best on the day and also came close to top spot in the London classes when going Runner-up B.I.S., very well-done Simon!  This event also saw the introduction of the new and vastly improvedrosettes and newly designed prize cards.  

 Our penultimate Stock Show of the year was our Southern Area S.S. held at Wiltshire which attracted a respectable entry of 43 for judge Tony O’Neill. It proved another triumphant day for Pete with his super Silver boar ‘Ratzinger’ now a 5-8 taking B.I.S.  Runner-up & best adult was Mary Jaffa’s Silver boar ahead of another Silver adult boar from Pete. The Golden entry was again worrying just three entered with best going to Steve Davies’ young adult boar just ahead of a lovely and promising young sow from Katrina Goodship which also went Best U/5. Best of the nine A.O.C.s was Classy Cavies' Cinnamon U/5 sow ahead of Di-L-Emma’s large team of all 4 colours. Solids were out in force today with a record sixteen entries and saw Optimist Stud’s Cinnamon adult boar taking top spot with Penny’s large team also taking the other three challenge places ahead of Hero’s team.  The Wiltshire classes also saw a fabulous result for the agouti with Jane Phillipson’s super Silver adult boar taking B.I.S. against strong competition.  

Ending the year is our Welsh Area Stock Show at Newport, South Wales onSaturday 21st November, entries close on the 7th so don’t delay and make our final show of the year a good one!  

The 2009 Points Competition is nearing its conclusion with just Warwick (7 Nov) and the Welsh Area remaining.The latest positions after S.A.S.S. are: GOLDEN: Steve Davies 111; Cherrone Stud 54; Katrina Goodship 21; MadelaineCoomber 13. SILVER: Pete Holdaway 178; Jane Phillipson 82; Mary Jaffa 27; Malcolm Atkinson 21; Steve Davies 16. AOC: Dilemma Stud 111; Simon Neesam 82; Madelaine Coomber 54; ClassyCavies 18; Stuart Inch 17. SOLID: Optimist Stud 125; Hero Cavies 106; Morgan Stud 9; CAC Cavies 3. JUVENILE: CAC Cavies 37; Beth Holdaway 10; Melanie Arnold 3.  

Club Championships are rare but we have seen 5 successful claims this year to date:Jane Phillipson’s Silver boar ‘Montague Polo’ and her Silver sow ‘Honey’. Pete Holdaway’s Silver boars ‘Rasper’, ‘Ripley’ & ‘Raptor’. Congratulations to you both on your tremendous consistent success.  

As mentioned earlier the Golden Agouti situation is currently quite worrying despite the Club Census showing reasonably healthy numbers of both them and exhibitors!? The number shown at our Stock Shows has been low for the last decade but for the past 3-4 years Kate Duncan, of Cherrone Stud, has been a great supporter of both the breed and club attending all stock shows but,d isappointingly, decided to give up cavies albeit on a high after her GoldenAgouti adult boar took Best Non Self at Yorkshire Champ Show in April. I would like to thank Kate for her tremendous support to the breed and club and I’m sure she’d be as disappointed as I am at the colour's current lack of support. So, please make every effort to show this long established colour which does see show success and if you’ve room and want a new challenge please consider the Golden!  The new Club Handbook ,due to unforeseen personal circumstances this summer hasy et to be started, sorry!  I will try and start to compile it soon but require material. As this is your book could I please ask for articles which would make it interesting and also for adverts available at a bargain cost of just £10 Full Page & £6 Half Page. As we want to issue this book asap, which takes some time to compile etc, could I please ask for all material and adverts to be sent to me by 30 November 2009.  

Sadly long time member Doreen Petherick recently passed away and also N.C.C. secretary Pauline Avery, both huge losses to the Cavy Fancy. Our condolences go out to Les & Eddie and their families. 

I would like to welcome Club New Members: Nikki Richardson (Essex);Nikki Matthews (Glos); K.Taylor – Classy Cavies (Kent); Charlotte Button (Kent);Hannah Dampier (Australia) and welcoming back after a short absence Ivan McConachie (Morayshire).  I will finish by saying I hope you’ve found this letter useful & interesting and I hope to do another before Christmas containing results from Welsh SS and Points Comp and a full list of 2010 Stock & Points Shows.                                                                                                                                            

Steve Davies (Secretary)