SHOWS 2018

1. The name of the Club shall be ‘NATIONAL AGOUTI CAVY CLUB’ and its membership shall be open to any person.

2. The object of the Club shall be to encourage the scientific breeding of the Agouti Cavy and the systematic awarding of prizes, to establish a standard of excellence by which the breed shall be controlled and to help the building up of studs, and shows giving agreeable conditions of exhibition which shall be supported. Patronage to take the form of special prizes, such prizes to rate in value according to the number of classes provided and the status of the Judge officiating.  Steps should be taken by officials of the National Agouti Cavy Club to foster, encourage, promote and protect the welfare of all members of the Club and their exhibits.

3. The Annual subscription shall be payable on and after the 1st January in each year. The subscriptions of new members joining the Club on or after 1st September in any year shall be valid until 31st December of the following year.  Each member of the Club shall receive a copy of the Rules and will observe and be bound by these Rules so long as he/she continues to be a member of the Club.  All officials and members of the Club shall be paid before 1st March in each year, and any person whose subscription remains unpaid after that time shall be deemed to have resigned from membership of the Club and will not be allowed to compete for any Club specials or trophies, or in any way enjoy the privileges of membership.  The Annual subscription for each year shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting of the Club held the previous year.  Overseas members are not entitled to complete for the Club’s trophies, hold any office or exercise voting rights.  

4. The governing body of the Club shall consist of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Committee of six, and one Secretary/Treasurer (combined). These officials shall be the Executive of the Club and shall manage its affairs during their terms of office. The Executive shall appoint one Auditor and one Scrutineer. The two Trustees of the Club shall be the Secretary/Treasurer and the President.  

5. It shall be lawful for the Executive to refuse to continue the membership of any person after the expiration of the period in respect of which such person shall have paid and had accepted his/her subscription, if they are satisfied or have good reason to believe that it will not be in the interest of the Club to continue such membership. If the continuance of such membership is refused by the Executive, notice of such refusal shall be at once given to the person concerned and any such person shall, on giving notice to the Secretary within 21 days from the receipt by him/her of the first mentioned notice, have the rights to appeal to an Investigation Committee against such decision.  The Investigation Committee shall consist of three members appointed from within the Executive, and the decision of the Investigation Committee shall be final and conclusive.  

6. Any persons whose membership is terminated under Rule 5 shall forfeit all right or interest in the property and effects of the Club and if such person at the time of such termination of membership shall hold or have in his/her possession any of its property, such person shall forthwith deliver up the same into the possession of the Secretary.  

7.  A postal ballot of members shall be held biennially to elect the Executive and Judging Panel of fourteen. Not less than four weeks’ notice of the closing date for nominations or other proposals shall be given to the members.   

8. No person shall be eligible to stand for election as a Club Judge unless they have been a member of the Club for a continuous period of at least three years.

9. Where possible no Judge shall officiate at a Stock Show two years in succession.  

10. In the event of any vacancy in the Executive or Judging Panel, such vacancy shall be filled by the next highest placed unsuccessful candidate in the respective section of the previous postal ballot. If no such person is available, the committee shall be duly notified and names of any persons willing to take office until the next postal ballot submitted to the Secretary. In the event of there being more than one candidate, the majority decision of the Executive shall be conclusive.  

11. Three Club Shows will be held annually – Adult Stock Show, Intermediate Stock Show, and Young Stock Show. In addition Three Area Stock Shows will be held annually – Northern, Southern and Midland. The dates and venues for the above to be decided by the Executive.  

12. Championship Certificates shall be offered by the Club to an exhibit which has won five first prizes in open competition in Agouti Breed Classes of not less than five exhibits, with not less than four of such wins being gained in adult age classes.  If there are less than five exhibits in the Breed Class, a first place in a Non Self Age Group of ten or more will qualify. In addition wins at the NACC Adult/Intermediate/Young Stock Shows of best in colour challenges with five or more exhibits will count. Not less than three of the firsts must be won under not less than three separate National Agouti Cavy Club Executive Judges.  Not more than two firsts may be won under separate National Cavy Club Judges.  Double Championship Certificates shall be offered to an exhibit awarded ten first prizes in such classes, not less than five of the firsts being won under five separate National Agouti Cavy Club Judges with not more than five being won under separate National Cavy Club Executive Judges. Further Championships shall be granted to exhibits winning five additional firsts in adult age classes under the same principle as regards Judges. The Secretary has some discretion over claims that don’t fully match the criteria. Applications for Championship Certificates shall be submitted to the Secretary enclosing the appropriate first prize cards and a fee of £5.00 for each Certificate shall be payable.  

13. These rules must not be altered except at the postal ballot or by resolution adopted at the Annual General Meeting. Any proposals for alterations to be considered at the Annual General Meeting must be received by the Secretary not less than two weeks previously. Any proposed alterations, whether accepted or rejected, may not be discussed further until a minimum period of three full years have elapsed since the proposal was first considered.  

14. The Club may only be dissolved on a postal ballot on giving not less than four weeks’ notice of members by a majority of not less than 75% of those voting. The property of the Club shall be divided equally between all those members having not less than two full years continuous membership as at the date of dissolution. The members shall not have power to pass on the trophies or monies of the Club to any other club or persons.