SHOWS 2018

The Club's Stand was again admired by both exhibitors and members of the public.

The Stand's mini stand with useful leaflets on Agoutis & general Cavy information; also the Adult Stock Show rosettes and bottle of champagne for the lucky BIS winner.

Secretary Steve Davies presenting Bethany Richardson with the Juvenile Points 2010 Runner-up trophy.

Points Competition 2010 trophies for winners & runners-up.

The Lemon trophy. Each of the six colours and the Solid had a photo of its colour / breed on the centre.

Happy Days Stud (Sweden) exhibited it the UK for the first time and their long journey was rewarded taking third place in the BIS line up with their Lemon adult boar, the best result for this breed at this event.

Zanadu Stud's Lemon u/5 sow ('Faryl') also featured in the BIS line up taking 7th place. This pig was R/up in the M&T u/5 section but went through as the winner wasn't duplicated! (Photo: Astrid Allen)

Best Marked & Ticked u/5 was the winner of the large & quality class of 10 Silvers - Mary Jaffa's lovely sow. (Photo: Lyndon Nowell)

Winner of the Vic Bailey Memorial Trophy for Best Silver adult in the Bradford classes was Jane Phillipson's boar; who was also third in the NACC Adult SS. (Photo: Lyndon Nowell)

Emma Whitcombe was 'over the moon' to be judging her first NACC Adult SS. The entry was a respectable 44 made up largely of Silvers and Lemons; with very disappointingly no Goldens, Cinnamons, Creams or Chocolates entered in any age.

Best in Show saw a first with an overseas winner - Happy Days Stud (Lena & Cornelia Wilhmensson) Lemon boar; this superb pig also went 3rd Best in Show in the Bradford Champ Show - many congratulations!

Another photo of Happy Days Stud NACC Adult SS Best in Show winning Lemon boar.  (both photos: Lyndon Nowell)

Best Silver & Rup BIS was Pete Holdaway's boar 'Ratzinger'. Another great result for the most successful Agouti in recent years but was pipped to adding the Adult BIS award to his YSS triumph in 2009.

Pete Holdaway's Silver boar 'Ratzinger' with the splendid silver 'Fernie Bowl' for Best Silver adult (Photo: Lyndon Nowell)

Happy Days Stud did the double of Best Boar & Sow with their gorgeous Lemon sow.

Best Solid was Optimist Stud's (Penny Bell) Silver sow. Sadly no competition again for Penny!

Best Support (5-8 & u/5) was won by Steve Davies' super u/5 Lemon boar ('Pimpernel').

Winner of the quality & large class of 10 Silver u/5's was Val Pearse's beautiful sow ('Valaquenta Silver').

Silver u/5 class runner-up in both the NACC & Bradford Shows was Steve Davies' boar ('Penrith').

It was to be a clean sweep for Lemons in the challenges, Happy Days Stud boar ('Faugrim') taking Best 5-8. (Photo taken at Nordic Champ 2010 where he got Best Youngster)

Best 5-8 Silver & Runner-up Best 5-8 was Malcolm Atkinson's boar.

Steve Davies won 2nd and 3rd Best in Show with two superb 5-8mth boars - Lemon 'Pimpernel' and Silver 'Penrith'. Judge: Pete Holdaway

Steve's full team, including his u/5 Lemon boar 'Poacher' who was best u/5 mths in show.

Best in Show Millenium Plus' Alpaca adult, flanked by 'Pimpernel' and 'Penrith' (Photo: Paula Lindsay)

Steve left his show preparation very late but got away with it! (Photo: Paula Lindsay)

Judge Pete Holdaway applies the ticking test to an "Old Grey", now known as Chinchilla (and a fair example at that) but not to be confused with an Agouti!

All Agoutis should be trained for the show table whilst young.  Here the anonymous, but obviously expert, exhibitor of this u/5 Lemon has clearly been instructing him in advanced judging stall etiquette. (Photo: Paula Lindsay).

Yorkshire Champ Show attracted an excellent entry of 29 Silvers for judge Steve Davies. Best Agouti & Runner-up Best in Show went to Simon Neesam's impressive boar 'Workforce'; this pig won a very high quality breed class of nine.

The leading four Silver adults, all boars (from right - left): 1st Simon Neesam 'Workforce'; 2nd Pete Holdaway 'Renfrew' ; 3rd Pete Holdaway 'Rivington'; 4th and Best Juvenile Agouti Bethany Richardson.

The Silver 5-8 class was even larger containing 13, many of which were high quality; from right to left): 1st Pete Holdaway's boar 'Redditch' ; 2nd Val Pearse's sow.

Silver u/5's saw 7 with many of good quality and showing potential. Leading 3 were all boars (from R-L): 1st Pete Holdaway 'Rastafari'; 2nd Malcolm Atkinson; 3rd Val Pearse.

The leading three Agoutis (R-L): 1st Simon's adult 'Workforce' ; 2nd Pete's adult 'Renfrew'; 3rd Pete's 5-8 'Redditch'.

Long time Silver breeder and NACC judge Malcolm Atkinson did a fantastic job, almost single handedly stewarding all-day for Steve.

Stuart Inch was delighted to judge his first NACC Stock Show but was made to sweat whilst judging the large number of high quality Silvers! No pressure, then, Stuart. He's seen here (without a bead of sweat) judging his first pig, a Golden u/5.

The NACC had a decent entry of 42; this was made up of 32 Silvers; 1 Golden; 5 Lemons and 4 Solids. Stuart's wife Julie was kept quiet doing the important book work.

A Lemon took the Best in Show honours......this was a first for this colour at the Club's Northern Area Show; the winner being Steve Davies' 5-8 sow 'Pasanda'.

Best in Show - Steve Davies' Lemon 5-8 sow 'Pasanda'

A head on photo of 'Pasanda'.

Runner-up Best in Show was the winner of the high quality class of ten Silver adults - Pete Holdaway's boar 'Rivington', a repeat of the same pig's success in 2010.

Third Best in Show and winner of the very large and quality class of fourteen 5-8 Silvers was Mary Jaffa's sow 'Layla'.

Best U/5 also went to a Lemon from Steve.....his boar 'Poacher'.

Runner-up Best u/5 was the winner of the class of 8 Silvers, Steve Davies' very young boar 'Zeberdee'.

Following the amazing and very worrying entry of zero Goldens at our Adult Stock Show (Harrogate) there was just one entered at our Northern!!! This being Steve Davies' U/5 boar 'Devon'.

Third best 5-8 was another Lemon from Steve, his boar 'Pimpernel'.

'Pimpernel' was closely followed by his Silver litter brother 'Penrith' who was 2nd in the class of 14 Silver 5-8s.

The high quality NACC rosettes and BIS trophy for the winners at the show.

The Best Agouti rosette; the centre being Pete Holdaway's Silver adult boar 'Rutherford'.

The Best in Show line-up: 1st Pete Holdaway's adult boar 'Ratzinger' who came out of retirement for this one last show - he gained the final win he needed for his triple NCC Championship. 3rd Best in Show was Mary Jaffa's 5-8 boar 'Rastafari'. Judge: Amy Heale (photo: Rex Matthews).

Best Non-Self 'Ratzinger' and, amazingly, best Self was Pete Holdaway's Cream sow 'Latty'. This is the first (and probably last time) Pete has won best Self. How will he ever live it down? (Photo: Rex Matthews).

Steve Davies showed hitherto unsuspected judging talents during the Thursday show in correctly placing not only the first four Suffolk rams but the first four ewes as well.  Said Steve modestly "I just went for the ones with the most appealing eyes". Steve did later try to cover his tracks by saying  'he'd stick to judging Cavies and leave the sheep to his neighbours over the border!' Sorry, Steve, it was too late - your secret's out. As Bob Chappell pointed out, however, this is actually a Hampshire Down, further illustrating Steve's brilliance and natural affinity with the ovine kind, against the trivial detail that he was actually judging a different breed... 

Best Non-Self on Thursday was Mary Jaffa's adult Silver boar 'Tommy'. (Photo: Mary Jaffa)

Mary shares some of the secrets of her unique and mysterious preparation techniques with her public...

Best in Show on Saturday was Pete Holdaway's 5-8 month Silver boar 'Redditch'. This was a repeat of his mother's ('Relish's') success, at the same age in 2008. 

The Best Non Self line-up. Pete beats strong competition from Redland Studs Rex adult & Amanda Knights Black Crested 5-8.

Pete makes a late decision he ought to try and win with his pigs rather than win a 2 pint bet from the fabulous, and conveniently adjacent, cider tent. He was delighted to lose the bet with Steve whom he'd tipped for Best Agouti! Pete seen here desperately grooming with new member and fellow local Devon Agouti breeder Esther Arnold who's trying to get past to pen her Golden.

Devon County judges Ian Cinderby (Selfs); Jackie Driver (Coated); Peter Gammie (Marked & Ticked) discussing Best in Show; whilst doing this Ian is seen admiring the new 'invisible cavy!'

After 38 years and with his first litter after starting breeding Silvers (after his very long absence) Bob Chappell was thrilled to return the new homeland of Pete Holdaway and beat Pete's new big future hope! How's that for consistency!!!!

(What Steve has neglected to mention is that Bob's winner was bred from a sow I'd let him have as a pet for his kids! - Pete).

Bob's last successful raid on Pete's then homeland of Dorking; Bob also won the adult class there too!

Bob Chappell's gorgeous Devon County winning Silver u/5 sow.

After a long but enjoyable day's judging, Peter Gammie found Mr. Tony's (SCC Self judge Tony O'Neill) conversation just what he needed.Ian is  obviously captivated by Tony's dynamic style of presentation and oratory.

Sadly the Club and whole Cavy Fancy is losing one of its longest servants, Brian Cutting. Brian was judging for the Southern Cavy Club and this was his final 'major' engagement. Brian has been in the fancy for 50 years and for the large majority of that a NACC member and Panel Judge. We wish him well for the future.

NACC MASS Judge Diane Nunn & hubby Peter enjoying judging.
There was a good entry of 58 and it was great to see all colours represented & competition for Penny in the Solids.

The entry was made up of 47 Agoutis & 11 Solids.

Best in Show was Steve Davies' Lemon 5-8 boar 'Poacher'.

This was the fourth successive BIS for the Lemon at our Stock Shows (2010/11).

Best Silver & Runner Up BIS was Mary Jaffa's adult boar, 'Radar'.

NACC Panel Judge Ros Lockwood judged the Ticked Section in the Wyevern classes and also made Mary's Silver adult boar Best Agouti.

Mary's Silver adult won a good breed class of 8.

Leading 3 Silver adults all boars (L-R): 1st Mary Jaffa 'Radar'; 2nd Pete Holdaway 'Renfrew'; 3rd Jane Phillipson 'Smokey'.

Bringing a smile to Diane's face was Steve Davies' Lemon young adult boar 'Pimpernel'.

Best AOC Adult & Third Best in Show was Steve Davies' Lemon adult boar 'Pimpernel'.

Our 3rd Stock Show of 2011 saw the first sighting of a Cinnamon; Diane seen here assessing Pete Holdaway's Cinnamon adult boar, 'Romford'.

The Silver 5-8 class of 7 proved very strong with little splitting the leading pigs.

A profile view of the leading 4 Silver 5-8's (L-R): 1st Pete Holdaway's boar, 'Rappahannock',; 2nd & 3rd Steve Davies' sow & boar 'Zeberdee'; 4th Pete Holdaway's boar 'Redditch'.

Pete's super Silver 5-8 boar had to give way in the AC 5-8 Challenge.

AC 5-8 Chall (L-R): 1st Steve Davies' Lemon boar; 2nd Pete Holdaway's Silver boar; 3rd Steve Davies' Silver sow; 4th Steve Davies' Golden boar 'Devon'.

The Silver U/5 class saw 7 very promising youngsters and was a great class for Jane Phillipson (See photo below).

Silver U/5 (L-R): 1st & 2nd Jane Phillipson; 1. Sow 'Bluebell'; 2. Boar 'Harry'; 3rd Steve Davies' sow.

After the Silver u/5 class photographer Steve Davies became otherwise engaged with our Club's A.G.M. followed by the honour of judging Wyevern Best in Show.

Wyevern Cavy Club Best in Show judge was Steve Davies; seen here inaction with NACC members and Wyevern section judges Roger & Trudi Couchman looking on.

Mary Jaffa's Silver Adult boar being placed Third Best Non Self behind Redland Stud's fabulous Best in Show winning Rex Silver-Bi adult boar.
Photo: Tony O'Neill

Southern Area Stock Show judge was Ros Lockwood who had a decent entry of 36.

Ros seen here judging one of Pete's Silver adult boars 'Renfrew'.

All photos (as Steve was busy judging 130 Non Selfs) are by Pete Holdaway. Pete had a busy day as he also stewarded for Ros; then wrote prize cards; then even had to forego an important meeting in the Cider Tent to steward for Steve in the afternoon! 

Best in Show:

For the second successive Stock Show was Steve Davies' Lemon 5-8 boar 'Poacher'

The BIS rosette.

(Centre - S.Davies' Lemon boar 'Pimpernel')

BIS line up (L-R):

1. S.Davies Lemon 5-8 boar 'Poacher'; 2. S.Davies' Lemon Adult boar 'Pimpernel'; 3. P. Holdaway's Silver 5-8 boar, 'Rappahannock'.

Best Adult & Runner-up BIS:

Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Pimpernel'

Ros taking a close look at a Silver adults chest; she found this class the closest and hardest to judge.

Ros was very pleased with the overall quality of the stock.

The leading 3 Silver Adults all boars (L-R): 1. Mary Jaffa 'Radar'; 2. Pete Holdaway 'Redditch'; 3. Pete Holdaway 'Renfrew'.

Another view of the leading three Silver adults.

Best Golden adult was Esther Arnold's sow.

The single Cinnamon adult was Pete Holdaway's boar 'Romford', who is in training as a draught excluder.

The 5-8 Chall line-up (L-R):

1. S.Davies' Lemon boar; 2. P. Holdaway's Silver boar; 3. E.Arnold's Golden boar.

Golden 5-8 class (R-L):

1. Esther Arnold's boar; 2. Steve Davies' boar 'Devon'.

These two pigs were also 1 & 2 Best Golden AA

Silver 5-8 class (L-R):

1. Pete Holdaway's boar 'Rappahannock'; 2. Mary Jaffa's boar; 3. Steve Davies' sow.

Best Golden U/5 was Esther Arnold's sow.

Silver u/5 class (L-R):

1. Mary Jaffa's boar; 2. Steve Davies' sow; 3. Mary Jaffa's boar.

Di-L-Emma Stud's Cinnamon U/5 boar.

Di-L-Emma Stud's Chocolate U/5 boar.

Who was posing better for the camera in this shot!

Best Juvenile:

Ryan Arnold's Golden adult boar.

A selection of the Stock Show rosettes and BIS trophy.

Mid Devon Classes Best Agouti:

Pete Holdaway's young adult Silver boar 'Redditch'.

Best Marked and Ticked was Mary Jaffa's u/5 Silver boar 'Southern Drifter' (been watching too many westerns then Mary?). Judge: Pete Holdaway (Photo: Mary Jaffa).

Katrina Goodship found the largest NACC SS entry for a decade when judging the YSS for the first time.

The splendid entry of 74 was made of 33 in the YSS with 41 in the Supporting Adult/5-8 classes.

BIS was Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Paddy'.

This continued the fantastic success for the Lemon winning every Stock Show in 2011 to date.

This win is the first known YSS BIS win for a Lemon.

Best Golden & Runner-up BIS was Steve Davies' young boar 'Gnasher'.

Best Silver & third BIS was Steve Davies' boar 'Maximus'.

The BIS winning line-up (L-R): 1st Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Paddy'; 2nd Steve Davies' Golden boar 'Gnasher'; 3rd Steve Davies' Silver boar 'Maximus'

BIS winning line-up profile view.

Unfortunately the BIS winning Lemon was skwinting at the time!

Best Golden sow (class of 5) & second best Golden was Steve Davies' sow 'Minnie'

Golden Challenge, class of 10 (L-R): 1st Steve Davies' Golden boar; 2nd Steve Davies Golden sow.

Best Silver sow (class of 9) & third Best Silver was Steve Davies' sow 'Zena'

Leading three Silvers in class of 16 (L-R): 1st Steve Davies' boar 'Maximus'; 2nd Steve Davies boar 'Spartacus'; 3rd Steve Davies' sow 'Zena'.

Best Cinnamon (sadly only one entered!) was Simon Neesam's boar.

The Cinnamon (pictured right) went 2nd Best AOC behind the BIS winning Lemon (pictured left).

The YSS Best in Show rosette

(the centre - Di-L-Emma Stud's Chocolate adult sow)

It was warm work and Katrina soon stripped off.....the judging coat that is!

Best Support was Esther Arnold's Golden 5-8 boar.

This was a great win for Esther and prevented Steve taking a clean sweep!

Best Adult & runner-up Best Support was Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Pimpernel'

Best Silver 5-8 (class of 9) & Third Best Support was Steve Davies' Silver sow 'Rosie'

Best Silver Adult & Second Best AC Adult was Steve Davies' Silver boar 'Merlin'

This was the winner of the Silver adult class of 13.

Silver adult class (L-R): 1st Steve Davies' boar 'Merlin'; 2nd Jane Phillipson's boar; 3rd Mary Jaffa's boar

Best Golden Adult and third Best AC Adult was Esther Arnold's sow.

New Members Rodney & Helen Downer (Isle of Wight) were showing at a Stock Show for the first time. They had two splendid Lemon adult boars.

R&H Downer's Lemon adult boar which was 2nd AOC Adult.

R&H Downer's Lemon adult boar which was 3rd Lemon Adult.

Real London Best Marked/Ticked Adult (class of 66 - judge Pete Holdaway) was Steve Davies' Silver boar ''Pimpernel.

Pimpernel was placed a very creditable third BIS and Best Adult behind Teresa Lock's outstanding Black u/5 sow and Jayne@Carnival super Alpaca 5-8.

Real London Best Marked/Ticked 5-8 was Katrina Goodship's Golden 5-8 sow.

She finished a creditable sixth in the very high quality Best in Show line-up of 9.

Photo to follow.

Real London Best Marked/Ticked u/5 (class of 54) was Steve Davies' Silver boar 'Spartacus'.

He wasn't placed in the top 6 of the very high quality Best in Show line-up of 9.

The Real London rosette for Best in Section; along with the NACC YSS BIS & Best of Breed rosettes.

Best in Show was Mary Jaffa's Silver adult boar 'Radar'.

Judges: Steve Davies, Oliver Joyce, Diane Nunn.

Best in Show was Steve Davies' Lemon 5-8 boar 'Paddy'

Judges: Jane Phillipson, Gerry Harvey, Tony O'Neill.

Peterborough proved a Real success with entries having to be closed at 440 due to lack of space.

Marked & Ticked judge Jane Phillipson had an entry of 109 including a fantastic entry of  60 Agoutis.

Jane seen here placing the leading 3 in her section with book steward Pete Holdaway looking on.

The leading 3 Marked & Ticked (L-R):
1. Lemon 5-8 boar 'Paddy'; 2. Silver u/5 boar 'Tigger'; 3. Lemon adult boar 'Pimpernel' all from Steve Davies.

Best in Show Steve Davies' Lemon adult boar 'Pimpernel'.

Judges: Pete Holdaway & Jackie Driver.

There was a large entry of around 300 with the quality of Agoutis being particularly high throughout.

New Club member John Gardner showed his newly acquired Agoutis including a young Golden boar 'Sinbad' and these two admired Chocolates 'Samson' & 'Delilah'.

Other new members Johnny & Alison Morton (Cotherstone Cavies) showed a good team of Silvers.

Photo: Pam Gardner

Mary Jaffa's Silver adult boar 'Radar' was a very commendable Third Best in Show.

Radar had to give way to two splendid Alpacas from Jayne Davey.

Best in Show:

Meerschwein Stud's Silver u/5 sow.

Judge & Photo: Amy Heale

NACC Welsh Area SS Judge was Andrew Pearson.

Andrew had a good entry of 58 with little splitting many quality exhibits.

Best in Show:

Steve Davies' Silver u/5 sow 'Winnie'.

This result ended the amazing run of six consecutive Stock Show BIS's for the Lemon.

Best in Show Line-up (L-R):

1&2 Steve Davies' Silver u/5 sow & Lemon Adult boar; 3&4 Mary Jaffa's Silver Adult boar & Silver 5-8 boar.

Best Adult, AOC & Runner-up BIS:

Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Pimpernel'

Third Best in Show:

May Jaffa's Silver Adult Boar 'Radar'

The Best Agouti and one of the many other rosettes.

Golden Adult line-up (L-R):

Class of 6

1. Esther Arnold; 2. Ryan Arnold; 3. Hero Cavies.

Silver Adult line-up (R-L):

Class of 7

1. Mary Jaffa's boar 'Radar'; 2. Jane Phillipson's boar 'Smokey'; 3. Mary Jaffa's boar.

A.O.C. Adult line-up (3) (L-R):

1. Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Pimpernel'; 2. Pete Holdaway's Cinnamon boar 'Romford'; 3. Stuart Inch's Lemon boar.

Best Golden:

Steve Davies' 5-8 boar 'Mr. Snuffles'

Golden 5-8 line-up (L-R):

Class of 4

1&2 Steve Davies' boars 'Mr. Snuffles' & 'Gnasher'; 3. Hero Cavies.

Silver 5-8 line-up (L-R):

Class of 9

1. Mary Jaffa's Silver boar; 2. Pete Holdaway's Silver sow; 3. Steve Davies' Silver sow 'Rosie'.

Golden/Silver 5-8 Challeng (L-R):

The leading three Silvers are split with the Golden in second place.

A.O.C. 5-8 line-up (R-L): Class of 8

1. Steve Davies Lemon boar 'Paddy'; 2. Stuart Inch's Lemon boar; 3&4 Di-L-Emma Stud's Cinnamon & Choc

Golden u/5 line-up (L-R):

Class of 4

1. Esther Arnold's boar; 2. Steve Davies' sow 'Minnie'; 3. Hero Cavies.

Silver u/5 line-up (R-L): Class of 9

1&2 Steve Davies sow 'Winnie' & boar 'Tigger'; 3&4 Mary Jaffa's boars.

Lemon u/5 line-up (L-R):

Class of 3

1. Steve Davies' boar 'Pooh'; 2&3 Stuart Inch.

Best Juvenile:

Ryan Arnold's Golden Adult Boar.

Andrew's young daughter Daisy did a fantastic job on her book stewarding debut;

Whilst waiting for her Dad to split a class she added to the judges sign just what she thought of her Dad's and brother Matt's hygiene!

Welsh National Non Self Judge Stuart Inch.

Stuart & Self Co-Judge Ian Cinderby found some good pigs and in-particularly liking the Lemon's.

Best in Show:

Steve Davies' Lemon Adult Boar 'Pimpernel'.

The 3 N/Self age groups & 3 Best N/Selfs went to Steve Davies' Lemon boar team.

(L-R); BIS Pimpernel; Third Best N/Self 5-8 'Paddy'; Second BIS 'Pooh'.

Dunfermline & District Rabbit and Cavy Club had a total of 9 Agoutis evenly spread over the 3 age classes, all colours are judged together at this show and there were Silvers, Goldens and Chocolates. Ivan McConachie judged.

The SNCC held their Adult Stock show judged by Debbie Johnston with supporting classes of 5/8 and u/5 judged by Peter Liddle.The majority of the entries were in the Adult section but this show saw a Lemon as well as Silvers. Goldens and Chocolates giving a total  of 8 present. Craig Paterson's Lemon boar went through to fourth BIS. It is lovely to see the rarer colours appearing up here, long may this trend last, now we just need a few more followers for this lovely breed. 

The line-up of all the Agoutis.

Loughborough - Our final points show of the year saw Steve Davies' team winning Best Non Self u/5; 1st & 2nd Non Self 5-8; & 3rd Non Self adult. With the 5-8's being 2nd & 3rd Best N/Self AA.

Steve Davies' winning team (L-R): Lemon ad boar 'Pimpernel'; Silver 5-8 sow 'Rosie': Lemon 5-8 boar 'Paddy'; Silver u/5 sow 'Winnie'.

Second Best N/S: Steve Davies' Silver sow 'Rosie';

Third Best N/S: Steve Davies' Lemon boar 'Paddy'

N/S 5-8 judge: Malcolm Atkinson

N.C.C. Y.S.S.

Best Non Self:

Steve Davies' Silver boar 'Tigger'

Judge: Pete Holdaway

N.C.C. Y.S.S.

Best Support:

Steve Davies' Lemon adult boar 'Pimpernel'

Judges: Pete Holdaway & Tony O'Neill