SHOWS 2018

Judge: Malcolm Atkinson

Best in Show in the Adult Stock Show was Jane Phillipson's Silver boar "Archie"

Best Agouti in the Bradford classes, and Best Reserve Exhibit in show, was Pete Holdaway's 5-8 Silver boar "Rivington". Judge: Doug Rennie (photo: Jennie Wright).

Val Pearse's Silver boar was best adult Silver and winner of the Vic Bailey Memorial Trophy. Judge: Helen McCormick (photo: Amy Heale, Feb 2009)

The NACC club stand, packed with information. (Photo: Lyndon Nowell)

Emma Whitcombe, nonchalantly feigning indifference, lies in wait for potential new members.  (Photo: Lyndon Nowell)

Steve Davies gave an interesting, well-attended and entertaining presentation, illustrated by Agoutis of each colour, on Showing and Judging Agoutis. Here he demonstrates how all the necessary guard hairs can be effortlessly removed by the mere sweep of a divine hand. (photo: T. O'Neill).

Emma discreetly attempts to recruit a new member. (Photo: Lyndon Nowell)

Hannah Salisbury, nominated by the N.A.C.C. was the first winner of the new E.S.C.C. Joan Radeglia trophy for Young Fancier of the Year. (Photo: Tony O'Neill)

This article first appreared in Cavies magazine January 2010:


In the June 2009 edition of this magazine I explainedthat the ESCC Executive had decided to use the funds collected, to commemorate Joan's lifetime involvement and commitment to the Cavy Fancy, to award a perpetual trophy to the young fancier considered to have made a significant contribution to the Fancy over the past year. I also outlined the procedure for doing so, and with the co-operation of the breed clubs we have now completed the task and made our decision.

As we anticipated. there were many worthy nominations making the final decision an extremely difficult one. Eventually it was decided that Hannah Salisbury, who was nominated by the National AgoutiCavy Club, was the deserving winner of this year's award. The presentation of the trophy together with a momento for Hannah to keep will be made at Harrogate during the Bradford show, when it is hoped that Hannah will be in attendance. We will also be presenting a certificate to each of the breed club nominees.

Bernard Wiles."

We're proud that it was an NACC member who won the inaugural award. Sincere congratulations from all of us at the NACC to Hannah on this richly-deserved success! 

Andrew Pearson judging the Golden/Silver Adult Challenge.

Best in Show was Simon Neesam's adult Lemon boar 'Yeats' (photo: Lyndon Nowell).

The Best in Show Line -up: Simon Neesam's adult Lemon 'Yeats', Pete Holdaway's Adult Silver 'Raptor' and Steve Davies' u/5 Lemon sow 'Pandora' (photo: Lyndon Nowell).

Best Golden - Steve Davies' u/5 boar 'Red Bull'.

Steve Davies' Lemon sow 'Pandora' was best u/5.

Best Solid was Optimist Stud's adult Silver boar (photo: Lyndon Nowell).

At the East Cornwall CC show, which also hosted the inaugural show of the Western Area fanciers, Steve Davies' u/5 months Lemon sow 'Pandora' took Best in Show on both sides. Not only that, but Steve also won best Self in both shows with a 5-8 Self Golden! Quite an achievement, which made his long journey worthwhile (photo: Lyndon Nowell).

The Agouti AA Challenge in the WAF show - Steve's 'Pandora', his 5-8 Silver boar, 'Hiro' and Melanie Arnold's adult Golden boar (photo:L Nowell)

Judge Jane Phillipson

Steve Davies' BIS-winning Silver boar, 'Hiro' was found to be particularly tall for a 5-8.

'Hiro' relaxes after his exertions. (Photo: Tony O'Neill).

Best Golden was Steve Davies' u/5 boar 'Davies' (photo: Tony O'Neill).

Best Solid was Optimist Stud's u/5 Silver sow. (Photo: Tony O'Neill).

Best AOC and Runner-up BIS - Steve Davies' Lemon 5-8 sow 'Pandora'. (Photo: Tony O'Neill).

Best u/5 was Pete Holdaway's Silver sow 'Rothesay'.(Photo: Tony O'Neill)

Best Agouti was Jane Phillipson's 5-8 Silver sow 'Primrose',  judge: Peter Gammie. (Photo: Tony O'Neill).

Best Agouti Adult, and second best in Section - Pete Holdaway's Silver Boar 'Ratzinger', judge: Jackie Driver. (Photo: Steve Davies).

Best Agouti 5-8, Val Pearse's Silver boar, judge: Melanie Mayoh. (Photo: Steve Davies).

Best Agouti u/5 was Rebble Cavies' Silver boar 'Algenon', judge: Pete Wardman. (Photo: Steve Davies).

Many congratulations to Katrina Goodship (Club Member & Panel Judge) and her partner Simon
on the birth of their son Dane on the 3rd
August 2010 at 4am.
Dane weighed in at 9lb 2oz or 4.14 kilogrammes
for the more metric minded
amongst you.

Betley 2010 saw a splendid entry of 460 pigs many of a very high standard. Agoutis were well in attendance including the Silver Adult class of 11; this photo shows the first 4 in that class - all boars  (placed from left to right). Winner and 3rd Best Non Self and 6th BIS Pete Holdaway's 'Ratzinger', 2nd Mary Jaffa's 'Jingle Bells', 3rd Pete's 'Rivington', 4th Jane Phillipson's 'Humbug'. (Photo: Steve Davies)

Simon Neesam (seen here judging the winning Silver adult) judged the well supported Marked & Ticked section. (Photo: Steve Davies)

Katrina Goodship's lovely Golden 5-8 sow (Electra) was Runner-up Best in Show.  Photo: Lyndon Nowell

Our Southern Area Stock Show saw a good entry of 46, judge Tony O'Neill is seen here admiring one of the leading Silver adults. (All photos in this section - Steve Davies)

BIS line up (from right to left) all adults; BIS - Pete Holdaway's Silver boar 'Ratzinger'; Runner-up - Steve Davies' Lemon sow 'Pandora'; Third - Steve Davies' Golden boar 'Red Bull'.

Pete Holdaway's Silver adult boar 'Ratzinger' added to his numerous triumphs taking Best in Show. This was the third successive year Pete has won top spot at the Club's Southern Area SS. 'Ratzinger' was also Second Best Non Self on the Essex side.

Best A.O.C. & runner-up B.I.S. - Steve Davies' Lemon adult sow 'Pandora' who was also third Best Non Self AA in the Essex classes.

Best Golden & third B.I.S. - Steve Davies' young adult boar 'Red Bull'.

Best A.O.C 5 - 8 & third best A.O.C. AA was Madelaine Coomber's admired young Cream sow.

There were nine Silver adults these are the leading three (all boars) from right to left: First & BIS - Pete Holdaway 'Ratzinger'; Second - Pete Holdaway 'Rivington'; Third - Simon Neesam.

The Lemon adult class from right to left: First & R/up BIS - Steve Davies' sow 'Pandora'; Second - Madelaine Coomber's boar; Third - Simon Neesam's boar.

There was a good entry of twelve Solid's with Tartuffe Cavies' (Nicky Reynold's) giving Optimist Stud (Penny Bell) some good and needed competition. Best Solid was Optimist's Silver 5-8 sow.

Runner-up Best Solid was Tartuffe Cavies' Silver adult sow.

It was great to see a rare sighting of a Solid Golden being shown, this is Tartuffe Cavies fine young 5-8 sow which was second in the Solid 5-8 section.

The Non Self section in the Essex classes was very well supported helped by NACC & Rex CC Stock Shows. Judge Peter Gammie (seen here judging the Golden Agouti adult class) put the same three Agoutis as Tony O'Neill 1st, 2nd & 4th in the same order only being split by a Silver 5-8 sow from Pete Holdaway. Pete's Silver and Steve's Lemon adults were 2nd and 3rd Best Non Self but both had to give way for top spot to the impressive BIS winning Rex from Twisted Whisker Stud.

Hannah Salisbury (C.A.C. Cavies) the well deserved winner of the new E.S.C.C. Joan Radeglia Juvenile of the Year Award 2009 (see Bradford Champ Jan 2010 photos) continues her impressive work with Agoutis and was rewarded at Poynton with a super B.I.S. with her Silver adult boar 'Lukas'. (Photo Hannah Salisbury).

Peter Gammie judged our Y.S.S.  and he had a very good total entry of 75. There was good quality amongst the 28 youngsters but Peter commented that the best pigs were generally in the Supporting Adult and 5-8 classes which contained 47 pigs (photo: Lyndon Nowell) 

At the 3rd London Championship Show in 1971 (see 1971 Gallery for the catalogue of entries) there were only 5 young Agoutis entered, compared with 28 in 2010.

The Y.S.S. Best in Show line up (from left - right): 1. Pete Holdaway's Silver boar 'Rex'; 2. Pete Holdaway's Silver boar 'Renfrew'; 3. Melanie Arnold's Golden boar.

Young Stock Show Best in Show was Pete Holdaway's Silver boar 'Rex'. This was one of another splendid team from Pete and this boar retained Pete's title he won last year with 'Ratzinger'.

Pete also got runner-up BIS with another Silver boar (pictured right); the BIS pig pictured left.

Best Golden, third Best in Show and Best Juvenile was Melanie Arnold's super boar. A great result for this young exhibitor. It was pleasing to see Goldens entered this year after the very disappointing entry of just one last year, which was absent!

The Best in Show line up including the Best AOC, Simon Neesam's Lemon boar (pictured second from right).

Best A.O.C. was Simon Neesam's fine Lemon boar 'Frankel'. He won a breed class of 4 and this was enough for Best AOC as disappointingly the 2 each of Cinnamon and Creams were absent, with no Chocolate entries.

Best Silver sow and best sow in YSS was from Val Pearse.

Best Golden Sow was from Melanie Arnold.

Best Support (Ad/5-8) was Pete Holdaway's Silver boar 'Ratzinger' who won the very high quality and large class of 13 Silver adults. 'Ratzinger' also won the Marked/Ticked adult section and was 5th in the BIS line up. (Photo Lyndon Nowell)

Runner-up Best Support and also second in the Silver adult class was Simon Neesam's impressive boar.

The leading four in the very high quality Silver adult class of 13. (Photo Lyndon Nowell)

It's interesting to note that in 1971, supposedly the heyday of the Agouti breed, there were only 7 Silver adults shown at The London compared to 13 this year (see the 1971 Gallery for the catalogue of entries at that show). Our reporter, who was at both shows, states that the standard was certainly much higher in 2010 than 1971. 

Third Best adult was Steve Davies' Lemon sow 'Pandora'. (Photo Lyndon Nowell)

Best 5-8 and third Best Support was Pete Holdaway's Silver sow. This lovely sow won a quality breed class.

Steve Davies was a happy, very late replacement judge for the London classes adult Marked & Ticked adult section. His best in section winner was 'Ratzinger'. (Photo Lyndon Nowell)

Congratulations to our NACC Swedish members Lena & Cornelia Wilmensson (Happy Days Stud) on winning Best Junior Cavy at the Nordic Championship Show (Sweden) with their splendid Lemon Agouti boar 'Faugrim'.

The above award is for Best Junior Cavy (under 5 months old), not to be confused with Best Juvenile which in the UK is awarded to a juvenile exhibitor under 16 years of age. This superb victory under UK's Jackie Driver is believed to be the first for this breed at the Nordic.  'Faugrim' (seen here with his many awards) was a huge single baby bred from a Happy Days Lemon sow and a bought in Lemon boar from UK's Simon Neesam.

Mary Jaff's fine Silver adult boar was Runner-up Best in Show behind another darn Alpaca this time from Nikki Matthews!

Katrina Goodship's lovely Golden 5-8 sow (Electra) was as Fareham Runner-up Best in Show behind a Jayne@Carnival Alpaca!  Photo: Lyndon Nowell

Unfortunately, due to lack of time at the end of the show, it is not possible to bring you photographs of the winning cavies. However, by way of compensation, Steve has kindly contributed this picture of a "wee beastie"   possibly Macrothylacia rubi (Lasiocampiidae) which he found the following day whilst climbing Ben Lomond in the fog with his fellow judges. Thank you, Steve. We won't report who made it to the top (allegedly) and who gave up and went back early for a kip.

For the second year in a row, Best in Show was won by a Silver Agouti. This is Pete Holdaway's 'Ratzinger' (photo: Lyndon Nowell).

Ros Lockwood judging the Silver adult breed class (photo: Lyndon Nowell).

Jane Phillipson's adult Silver boar, 'Smokey' was Best in Show. Judge: Malcolm Atkinson (photo: Lyndon Nowell).

Pete Holdaway was "chuffed to nuts" to judge his first NACC stock show....just 42 years after getting his first Agouti!

Best in Show was Steve Davies' beautiful and consistent Lemon sow, 'Pandora'.

The Best in Show line-up. BIS Steve Davies' Lemon sow 'Pandora', Runner-up Mary Jaffa's Silver adult boar 'Jingle Bells', 3rd, Mel Arnold's Golden adult boar.

'Pandora' was not only BIS in the stock show but also in the WNCC open show, the second time that she has achieved a rare double Best in Show. Congratulations, Steve!                  (She's in there somewhere!)

Best Golden: Mel Arnold's adult boar.

Best Silver: Mary Jaffa's adult boar, 'Jingle Bells'

Best Solid: Optimist Stud's Silver adult sow.

Best 5-8: Mel Arnold's Golden sow.

Best u/5: Mary Jaffa's Silver boar.

And finally, bidding farewell to 2010, one for the real Agouti aficionado: Pete and book steward Mary Jaffa take a little time out to appreciate the finer subtleties of a jizzy chest.